State Contractor

State Contractor

TRiCOM COMMUNICATIONS was awarded the State of Minnesota Copper and Fiber cabling contract. Our services include cabling for voice, data, video, security, paging, Sound Masking, Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS), In-building wireless (WAPs). All State Agencies are required to use this contract unless a special exception is given by the State.

This contract can be utilized by all State Agencies, Counties, Cities, Municipalities and School Districts. Using an approved vendor like TRiCOM allows you to purchase goods and services just like state agencies would at the same prices, terms, and conditions. You must be a member of the CPV (Cooperative Purchasing Venture) to take advantage of this contract. To find out how to become a member, or verify your current membership, please visit the State of Minnesota CPV member page at

Using TRiCOM alleviates the costly and time-consuming task of preparing bids and finding quality companies to do the work. And you can be assured we meet all standards required by the State of Minnesota.

For more information or assistance in working with TRiCOM, or the CPV contract, please contact us:

Office 651-686-9000

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