Protecting Your Business Assets

Intelligent Buildings provide a high level of security and safety for your organization’s assets. Our team will work with you to assess your needs and design an integrated system that will make your business safe and deliver a high level of security. We work with leading manufacturers that incorporate technology into their products so that we can deliver the best possible solutions for your business.

TRiCOM offers end-to-end solutions for every element of your facility including Access Systems, Video Surveillance, and Intrusion Detection in and around your facility or office complex. Whether you’re starting new construction, renovating facilities or upgrading an existing security system, TRiCOM can help you through the planning, design, installation and implementation of the system that’s right for you.


TRiCOM specializes in the following Systems:

Access Control Systems

Control who has access to your building, or specific locations within your building. Our system installation includes needs assessment, planning and layout, IP integration, programming, customer training. A full range of service and support options are available.

Intrusion Detection

Monitoring of your network traffic by established companies for suspicious activity, who will take specific action based on your activity or policy schedule.

Video Surveillance / Closed Circuit (CCTV) Systems

Includes cameras, monitors, servers, and storage for complete and effective coverage and monitoring of your real estate and assets. Viewable onsite, cloud-based, and on almost any mobile device. There are many camera options including stationary, pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ), 360°, mobile, covert, and license plate capture.

Emergency Lockdown and Mass Notification Systems

Warns employees and the public of an emergency, providing alerts and instructions during a crisis. The system can immediately provide an emergency lockdown and will notify Law Enforcement / Emergency Response.

Network Technology Infrastructure


In-Building Wireless

Other Services

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