Property Owners and Managers

Property Owners and Managers

Building Controls and Standards

Property Owners and Managers are responsible for protecting their building and for providing current technology to its tenants. TRiCOM can help implement controls and standards for the building riser system while meeting the needs of the tenants.

A vertical riser system is a buildings’ internal communications infrastructure that is the property of the building owner or manager. Managing a buildings riser system ensures the integrity of the building and allows for technology products and services to be delivered in a consistent manner, benefiting the owner and tenants alike.

TRiCOM can provide secure access through a consistent, and cost- effective solution. We can help with the following:

  • Address issues regarding service provider access, rooftop installations, telecom contract negotiation, and installation.
  • Work with building owners and managers to ensure a regular review of new technology offerings to benefit the property.
  • Develop internal policies regarding the use of your buildings cabling system by new and existing tenants, as well as the removal of non-usable cabling by vacating tenants.
  • Provide a certified technician who is an expert within that building and its unique infrastructure. The building manager now has an in-house resource.
  • Give an accurate accounting as to the buildings current and potential cabling issues.
  • Allows building owner to cut down on the number of vendors gaining access to the buildings core infrastructure, protecting its security.

Let us be your resource. We bring innovative solutions and options that will help benefit you and your tenants!

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