New Construction / Remodels

New Construction / Remodels

Smart Building Integration

Smart buildings focus on the Internet of Things (IoT) to transform the way we live and work. Being a Technology Company, TRiCOM brings knowledge and experience to make the project build-out more effective and efficient. Understanding how Technology fits into new construction and remodels is a critical piece that is often overlooked and mis-understood.

TRiCOM has worked on numerous projects requiring knowledge of smart building components. Multiple systems often operate on the same platform. Understanding each systems’ requirements is important to determine the schedule of when the installation needs to take place, and how it affects all other trades working on the project. TRiCOM can interpret the needs of IT/Network personnel and translate that information to the General Contractor, Customer, Architect, or anyone else that is responsible for the construction project.

Let us help with your next project. We bring innovative solutions and options that will help your project be successful!

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