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AT TRiCOM, our focus is on our Customers, Employees, and Technology. We provide a one-stop solution for everything related to “Building Technology”, and we’ll be your partner to help you keep up-to-date on all things IT. We are committed to finding and providing solutions designed for your business functions.

Our Team is always ready to help you find a solution to any of your Technology needs. In addition to our extensive expertise in Network Technology Infrastructure, Security Systems, and In Building Wireless coverage, we also provide the following services:

Sound Masking

Sound Masking technology (also known as “White Noise”) was developed to make the environment comfortable and productive. By creating a uniform field of ambient background sound in office spaces, conference rooms, healthcare, government facilities, private work areas and more, sound masking minimizes the level of audible distraction to allow employees to interact as well as think.

TRiCOM works with premier manufacturers of sound masking and will work with you to design and install an engineered system that is conducive to your environment.


Paging Systems

Paging Systems can be incorporated with Sound Masking and Mass Notification Systems and can include background music.


Design and installation of projectors, display screens, microphones and other media. TRiCOM brings technology into your corporate board rooms and conference rooms. Our Team will produce a system that will provide ease of use and illustrate your Company’s move to stay with up-to-date features of technology.

Building Riser Management

A building’s riser closet contains the copper and fiber optic media that are used to feed an entire building and related systems. These closets must be managed to ensure the integrity of the data and building infrastructure. TRiCOM has the experience to manage, document, and oversee changes made to a riser closet by vendors needing access, protecting its security.

Digital Signage

Digital signage is a way to advertise your business and offerings or provide important information to employees and guests. We can analyze your needs, space requirements, and the components required to integrate signage into your business. Complete with a professional installation and training on the system.

Cable Abatement

Once an area is vacated (either through tenant departure, or idle building), any previously installed cabling is required to be removed by state code. Contact TRiCOM for a review and to schedule a time for the abatement and removal from the premises.

We do so much more! Please contact TRiCOM today for any of your Technology needs!

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