TRiCOM offers the best security solutions available for your facilities.
We design, furnish, and install:
Video Surveillance
  Security Cameras
Digital Recording
Access Control Systems


Video Surveillance
When Your Work Force Is Safe So Is Your Business.
Dependable security is the key to a strong business. You’re responsible for your employees, customers, assets and property, and you can’t afford to put them at risk. Make your business safer with comprehensive video surveillance and security solutions offered by TRiCOM COMMUNICATIONS.

TRiCOM is a Value Added Reseller of security products offering the most advanced technology, quality and reliability to deliver the peace of mind you want – and need. We offer end-to-end solutions for every element of video surveillance in and around your facility or office complex. Whether you’re starting new construction, renovating facilities or upgrading an existing security system, TRiCOM can help you through the planning, design, installation and implementation of the system that's right for you. Our team of professionals will work with you to identify your individual needs and the specific equipment to fit them, while staying within your working budget. Make your workplace safer and minimize your business risks with proven performance, quality and reliability. We offer:
  IP/Network Cameras

Recorders / Software
Encoders / Decoders
  Analog Cameras

Recordering Solutions
Encoders / Decoders
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Access Control
Whether you want accountability within your facility or want to eliminate costly keys, TRiCOM has the products, knowledge and solutions to get you more control. User-friendly card access control systems with integrated badge creation capabilities to hands-free card readers and more are all available from our knowledgeable staff.

We offer solutions for:

Electronic access control and integrated security systems
 Photo identification and badge creation systems
Virtually any type of card reader and identification card
Hands-free tracking of personnel, assets and vehicles
Wireless access control and building management
Turnkey solutions for cabling, electric strikes and other door hardware
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