In-Building Cellular & Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS)

Your facility, whether a corporate enterprise, campus, retail, or healthcare industry requires reliable mobile wireless coverage. 
Our RF system engineering, design, and installation services include:

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Connecting everyone, everywhere

In-Building Cellular and Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) refer to the technology that is used to enable the rebroadcast of cellular and other RF signals within a building or multiple buildings. In today's mobile world, poor reception in buildings, airports, parking garages and campus environments can decrease productivity. Low quality signals and lack of coverage can be eliminated through the use of a comprehensive in-building cellular solution designed and installed by TRiCOM. 

Our Distributed Antenna Systems utilize leading industry product technology. TRiCOM can engineer and install a wireless solution to meet your specific requirements.  Systems can be designed to allow for future expansions and upgrades, especially important when planning for either single or multi-carrier solutions. Your employees and guests will have seamless wireless coverage. In-Building Wireless and Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) solutions include the following steps, performed by our top team of technical field and in-house personnel:

Site Survey

The site survey validates the RF coverage requirements both inside and outside the facility. Test measurements are taken to comply with signal strength requirements in defined areas. We develop a complete understanding of the structural challenges as well as building codes, property management requirements, and existing copper or fiber routes.

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RF Design & Engineering

The information gathered from the customer and the site survey are used to create a detailed system design that determines the RF propagation in the facility. The design includes the recommended solution for the facility, a Bill of Material (BOM) for the application layouts, and cable run sheets, elevation and topology drawings as required.

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TRiCOM's 20 year history of designing and installing cabling and fiber network infrastructures lends a complete understanding of the design/build installation requirements. Our trained team of field personnel work with up-to-the-minute installation drawings to ensure your system meets the design specifications and that your daily business is uninterrupted.  The installation process will include:

Project & construction management
 Carrier single source or multi-carrier installation
Low voltage cabling & coax installation
Antenna system Installation
System optimization, testing & certification
Antenna Access Points
Public Safety compliance & coordination

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Project Management

Our team of professionals will ensure your in-building wireless system is installed to specifications. As a single point of contact our Project Manager will provide you with progress reporting, coordination and scheduling of tasks, material and labor procurement, construction meeting attendance, security clearance, facility guidelines, and other requirements.

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Integration & Turn-up

Following the system installation and customer approval, TRiCOM will turn-up and commission the system to ensure all Federal Communication Commission (FCC) requirements are met.

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