Consulting and Design
TRiCOM welcomes all requests for consultation, from pieces of a project to the project as a whole.  In other words, no job is too small, no project too big.  The call is yours.
Consulting & Design
BICSI Certified RCDD's
Project Management
As-Built CAD Drawings
Consulting & Design
What do you need?

That's just the first of a whole host of questions we'll have for you.  Who are you trying to reach?  What are you trying to send and receive?  How often?  How distant?  Where do you see your business in 5 years?  Ten years?

Our consulting and design services include:


Client Consultation
Site Survey and Inventory
Voice & Data Riser
Pair/Strands Count
Station Requirements
Network Switch Requirements
Voice System Requirements
Pathway Recommendations
Telephone Switch Room Layout
Equipment/Computer Room Layouts
Rack Layouts
Cable Management Systems
Development of System Specifications & Construction Plans
Project Management

To keep an edge on the competition, it is critical that your initial Telecommunications investments meets your immediate needs and also positions your strategy for the future.

Working closely with you, we'll focus on your business plans and objectives to determine your specific telecommunications needs.  Our engineers then analyze your answers, evaluate your site(s), and start drafting.  When we're done, you'll have a comprehensive design customized to your unique technological demands--from cabling to the telecommunication room.
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BICSI Certified RCDD's

With our staff of RCDDs (Registered Communications Distribution Designers), we provide our customers with the very best in structured cabling, access control and video surveillance (CCTV, Network and IP). All supported by our staff of trained installers and technicians committed to 100% customer satisfaction.

TRiCOM's BICSI  certified RCDD's are available to consult on all projects.  The BICSI Registered Communications Distribution Designer (RCDD) is awarded to telecommunications professionals who demonstrate a high level of expertise and excellence in the integration and implementation of distributions systems as well as their related infrastructure components and other low voltage controls.

RCDD certified individuals are responsible for the detailed design of new or integration design of existing system, including any and all combinations of voice, data, video, audio and low-voltage control systems.  They work closely with architects, Information Systems Specialists, Network Managers and engineers to design intelligent systems.

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Project Management

Once a proposal is approved, you are ready for the installation.  If you choose TRiCOM for your project, we will submit a fully documented scope of work for approval prior to installation.  Technical specs, materials lists, installation timetable--all included in detail.  Then we select a TRiCOM project manager and a technical team experienced in the specific technology to be installed.  And the job begins.  Day-to-day progress at your site will be closely monitored by the TRiCOM project manager, who holds the authority to deal with specific issues as they arise.

The Project Manager is responsible for:

Staff Selection
Material Ordering & Scheduling
Construction Coordination & Scheduling
Progress Reporting
Change Order Tracking & Management
Vendor Coordination

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As-Built CAD Drawings

TRiCOM provides for detailed as-built floor plans of your site.  You'll know the locations and labeling applicable to each station, allowing for efficient management of your system.

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