TRiCOM is dedicated to the design and development of your complete Data Center. Our team of experienced engineers and solution partners provide the most sophisticated level of data center design and installation. The critical steps to implementing a state of the art data center include:

  Site Selection
Technology Equipment Placement
Architectural Design Considerations
Structural Design Considerations
Building Automation Systems
Cabling Design
Computer Room Layout

The most basic purpose of a well-designed data center is to store, process and transmit data. One of the most critical resources for accomplishing this is a properly installed and managed cabling plant. A properly designed infrastructure management system includes many essential elements that are required to accomplish three important goals – performance, protection and profitability.

The capacity of a data center is based on the size of the computer room space (floor space available for IT and telecommunications equipment), and the capacity of the power and cooling systems per unit of computer room floor space. High-density data centers have a higher capacity of power and or cooling per unit of computer room floor space. A balance between space and capacity needs to be determined at the outset when designing a new data center and when modifying an existing data center space. The balance will depend on the type of IT and telecommunications systems the data center is to support and the number/combination of those systems which are to be placed within each cabinet or rack.

When planning for the overall facility:


Design to accommodate a defined load over a defined area.

Consider current and future platforms for servers and storage when identifying the design load and area requirements.

Determine percentages for mainframe high-end processing, mid-range processing, small-form or blade servers, communications networks, and storage.

Identify potential growth rates not only within business units, but also identify growth rates across platforms , as these effect capacity and space plans.

If it is determined that to meet the performance will require delivery of both high levels of power and large amounts of cooling to the cabinet or rack, it may be more cost-effective to design and build a more moderate density data center by designing the data center into a space that can accommodate a larger computer room.

Whatever the case, our team of Strategic Partners brings a wide range of experience on all levels to help you achieve an optimal solution for your facility. All components required for your Data Center are taken into account including careful selection of cable management systems such as patch panels, equipment racks, ladder racking and cable tray to determine the best fit for our customer's requirements.

TRiCOM creates the highest quality, best performing, and most reliable data center possible. 

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